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    Ensuring Your Satisfaction

    One of our most popular items. Custom sets! Perfect for everyday use. Exceptional quality and choice. But in order to get there we need to have a few things from you first. I want your experience with Tips of Elegance to be smooth and collaborative.

    Following the link. You can order a Custom Design Set down to the size/width of all 10 fingers or in a general sizing of what is typical in the industry. Extra Small, Small, Medium & Large.

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    Find the set you love

    To prepare for your ordering process:

    • 1. Click the button below to see options on how to measure and follow the instructions for each hand. Using fabric measuring tape is an option. It is Highly recommended to order a sizing kit in order to ensure the most accurate fit and to assess the desired length.

    • 2. Record each nail size from pinky to thumb in millimeters or the corresponding nail number on your sizing card

    • 3. Record the information in the custom box of the set you want to order; if color and shape/style are an option go ahead and set that information too.
  • Step Three


    Please do not hesitate to email me directly. I am also on many social media pages and even a quick message there will be another avenue to get to me just as quickly. I know for some it is a time constraint and that will be discussed on an individual basis. We have a quote/question form right here on our home page which is a great way to get a hold of me or email me at We will respond within or the next business day if after hours.

    Thank you for choosing Tips of Elegance for your press on nail needs. We strive to bring you joy with each set you purchase and create a set that fits the way press ons were intended to fit. 

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