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Tips of Elegance

About the owner.

Tips of Elegance began, not as a business, but rather as an extension of my own personal passion for beautiful nails. Having worn store -bought nails for most of my teenage and adult life, I developed an appreciation for how a new set of nails provided me with a sence of confidence and self-beauty that only helped to highlight my personally and individuality The one thing that always seemed missing from this positive vibe was how generic many of the nail sets I bought actually were. This led me on a journey to start customizing my own nail sets to make them more unique and original. As time went on, I decided I wanted to share this feeling with others and began creating press on sets, not only for myself, but for those close to me. My passion evolved even further and now I have created a new way to bring my own sense of joy, beauty, and confidence, to even more people through Tips of Elegance.

Each set of nails you receive is created with love and made solely by myself. Each piece has been individually handcrafted and no two pieces are the same. Every set is unique, down to the name, which has been imagined to transport the recipient to another place and mood.

I love what I do and I truly hope you enjoy your new set of Tips of Elegance nails as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.

- Karlene Dunkley, Founder & Creator


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