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Tips of Elegance

Blushing Harmony | Pre-Designed Custom Press-on Nail Set

Blushing Harmony | Pre-Designed Custom Press-on Nail Set

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Elevate Elegance: Introducing the 'Blushing Harmony' Luxury Press On Nail Set

Dive into the epitome of refined beauty with our 'Blushing Harmony' luxury press on nail set – a mesmerizing embodiment of sophistication and artistry. Delight in the elongated allure of the long coffin shape, adorned with a delicate peach and pink nude baby boomer design that seamlessly transitions into an exquisite array of abstract line nail art designs. Shades of bright pink, pristine white, royal purple, and gentle peach intertwine to create a masterpiece that redefines luxury.

At Tips of Elegance, we believe in the power of seamless transition, and the 'Blushing Harmony' set is a testament to this philosophy. The baby boomer design flawlessly blends the softness of peach and pink nude shades, reflecting a gradient that's as graceful as it is timeless. This transition paves the way for the abstract line nail art, a symphony of colors that dance across the nails, evoking a sense of movement and energy.

The combination of shades – bright pink, pure white, regal purple, and delicate peach – speaks to the multi-faceted nature of your personality. Each line is a stroke of artistry, an abstract expression that mirrors your uniqueness. These lines are more than design; they're an ode to your individuality and a testament to the limitless potential of your style.

The 'Blushing Harmony' set comes in the sought-after long coffin shape, offering a blend of boldness and elegance. And as always, we believe in catering to your preferences, which is why we provide customizable nail lengths and shapes.

Picture the sensation you'll evoke as you showcase these exquisite nails. From formal events to casual outings, your nails will be the embodiment of grace and creativity.

This set captures the essence of modern luxury – a world where tradition meets innovation.

Elevate your style, embrace your authenticity, and adorn your nails with the 'Blushing Harmony' luxury press on nail set. Redefine beauty, one stroke at a time, and let your nails narrate a story of elegance and artistry that's uniquely yours.

All predesigned nail sets are custom made to order. I do not keep inventory. 

All patterns handpainted and handcrafted by me at my boutique using high quality gel polish and nail extensions products

All sets comes with a keepsake storage box, accessories application kit and wear and care instructions.

  • Sets designated as Ready to Ship will be promptly shipped either on the same day or the following business day.
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