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Whimsical Safari | Pre-Design Custom Press-on Nail Set

Whimsical Safari | Pre-Design Custom Press-on Nail Set

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Unveil Your Inner Royalty: The 'Whimsical Safari' Luxury Press On Nail Set

Step into a world of enchantment with our 'Whimsical Safari' luxury press on nail set – a testament to artistic mastery and unparalleled elegance. Picture delicate soft-colored pigments gracefully dancing upon a pristine white backdrop, adorned with the opulent shimmer of hand-painted gold leaf accents. These elements blend seamlessly to craft an abstract animal-like print that embodies the essence of the wild, combined with the classic allure of French nails.

I believe in redefining luxury with every stroke. The 'Whimsical Safari' set showcases our commitment to excellence through a meticulous hand-painted process. The soft-colored pigments evoke a sense of serenity, creating an ethereal canvas that captivates the eye. Against this backdrop, the hand-painted gold leaf accents add a touch of grandeur, reflecting the sunlight's warmth and radiance.

But there's more to this set than meets the eye. The 'Whimsical Safari' set features a masterful combination of an abstract animal-like print and the timeless charm of French nails. The abstract animal print infuses an element of adventure and intrigue, allowing you to embody the spirit of the wild without leaving your elegance behind. And the bright pink pigment ombre in a glossy finish across the French nails adds a pop of vibrant energy that perfectly complements the softer hues.

Your uniqueness deserves to shine, and that's why the 'Whimsical Safari' nail set offers customizable nail shapes. From the poised elegance of the coffin shape to the modern flair of the squoval shape, you can select the form that resonates with your personality.

Imagine the sensation of sophistication and wonder you'll create at every occasion – from luxurious soirées to casual outings. The 'Whimsical Safari' set becomes a reflection of your inner royalty, an expression of artistry that speaks volumes without uttering a word.

Elevate your style, embrace the extraordinary, and adorn your nails with the 'Whimsical Safari' luxury press on nail set. Unveil a world of elegance where art and beauty unite in perfect harmony. Redefine luxury, one nail at a time.

This set comes with 10 Nails

All predesigned nail sets are custom made to order. I do not keep inventory. 

All patterns hand-painted and handcrafted by me at my boutique using high quality gel polish and nail extensions products

All sets comes with a keepsake storage box, accessories application kit and wear and care instructions.

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