Collection: Accent & Replacement Nails

Missing or broke a nail? Or maybe you just want to change up your look with the set you currently have.

Choosing Replacement Nail/Accent Nail option. Use the custom box to let me know what you want and we can work out the details if it's a little more intricate.

Having many different accent nails or being able to replace a particular nail set you had customized is as easy as a click away. I'd be happy to fulfill this for you!

Unsure of how to articulate it via the custom box? Click on our bookings page and request a free consultation. Let's chat if its easiest and we can set a time that works for us to review what it is, you truly want.

*Comes with 2 nails

want more than 2 accent nails added to your order message me before placing your order so we can work out what it is you are getting and what to purchase!

  • BUFF

    Before applying your press on nails, clean and prep your natural nails by filing, buffing, and cleaning them with alcohol to remove any oils or dirt.


    Size up your gel adhesive tabs and select the size for each nail for your press on nails. Ready to Ship and Ready to Wear Set, set aside the nail sizes that fit each nail in order from pinky to thumb (Custom sets are 10 nails pre-sized and in order when shipped)


    For longevity of a nail set,you want to clean the dead skin from around your cuticles for a polished application.


    Push back your cuticles gently with a medical grade steel cuticle pusher or the one that comes inside your application kit


    Using the alcohol prep pad in your kit or any isopropyl alcohol 70% and above to remove debris from the area. (my favorite is 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol)


    Apply the adhesive tabs one by one carefully; not allowing the pads of your fingers to touch your cleansed nail plate.

    *Glue application- starting with your smallest finger on nail at a time moving from pinky to thumb ,add glue to your nail plate thinly spreading it with the tip in small circles till you have most of your nail covered. apply a small dot of glue on the inside of the press-on and apply following the next steps.


    Apply each press on nail that you have pre fit,measured and set aside to your natural nail, starting from the cuticle and pressing down firmly. Make sure to apply pressure on the sides and the tip of the press on nail to ensure a secure hold.


    Once all press on nails are applied, give them a final press down to ensure they are all securely attached.

  • ENJOY!

    Wear gloves when washing dishes to protect your nail set and you should be able to reuse your ready to ship ready to wear press-on nail set one more time. (Custom Nail sets can be worn up to 5x's)