My Story Overview

The Story Behind Tips of Elegance

I created press on nail sets that last because I was tired of mass manufactured sets not fitting correctly, having designs on nails that were random or wasn’t to my nail size, being flimsy looking plasticky and wasting my money for just a few days wear and throwing more than half of the other nails away.  It just didn’t and still doesn’t  make financial (economical) sense. 

So as an artist and lover of nails I decided that women like me, modern women who don’t have salon time, that want to change out our sets but not be committed to one style in a month was something that intrigued me.   I know that I love quality and others who appreciate  the fine art attention to detail and the ease of application in their own home would want to invest in the same.  

Luxury Salon Quality Press-on nails can be reused up to 5 times with proper care. You are custom fitted to the size, shape and length that you love, and it will always be known to me so that I can continue to create sets for your ideal nail wardrobe.  They can and will look natural, seamless and can be worn up to 14+days. (With proper preparation of  cuticle work and care as well as dehydration of your nail plate).  Like any investment piece in your wardrobe you wouldn’t just throw your sweater, purse, shoes and belt away. You put them neatly away for use again because it’s apart of your style and look. This is the the same with 100% soft gel luxury salon quality reusable press on nails.