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Tips of Elegance

Nocturnal Alchemy | Pre-Design Custom Press-on Nail Set

Nocturnal Alchemy | Pre-Design Custom Press-on Nail Set

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Enigmatic Allure Unveiled: The 'Nocturnal Alchemy' Luxury Press On Nail Set

Embark on a journey into the shadows with our 'Nocturnal Alchemy' luxury press on nail set – a mystifying fusion of darkness and cosmic brilliance that speaks to the depths of the soul. Immerse yourself in the profound depths of deep burgundy, enhanced by the galactic shimmer of purple, golds, and blues, evoking the mysteries of the universe. Adorning this cosmic canvas are handpainted crescent moons and stars, rendered in an alchemist gold color, igniting a sense of celestial wonder that captivates the imagination.

At Tips of Elegance, we've delved into the enigmatic to craft the 'Nocturnal Alchemy' set – a testament to the allure of the night and the celestial dance above. The deep burgundy base, reminiscent of velvety night skies, sets the stage for a mesmerizing display of galactic splendor. The interplay of purples, golds, and blues creates a tapestry of cosmic brilliance that captures the essence of stardust and astral dreams.

Yet, it's the handpainted crescent moons and stars that truly define the 'Nocturnal Alchemy' set. Each alchemist gold stroke is a tribute to the cosmos, a homage to the eternal mysteries that beckon beyond our sight. The crescent moons symbolize phases of transformation, while the stars shimmer as beacons of hope and wonder, painting your nails as a testament to the universe's artistry.

This set exudes a bewitching charm, perfect for unveiling the allure of your mysterious persona at captivating soirées or embracing moments of introspection.

The 'Nocturnal Alchemy' set is an expression of your inner cosmos, a reflection of your depth and intrigue.

Choose to adorn your nails with the 'Nocturnal Alchemy' set, as you revel in the luxurious convenience of press on nails. With customizable lengths and shapes, your nails become a canvas of cosmic beauty that resonates with your individuality.

Elevate your allure, embrace the cosmic, and adorn your nails with the 'Nocturnal Alchemy' luxury press on nail set. Redefine beauty and mystery, one stroke at a time, and let your nails tell a story of celestial enchantment that's yours to embrace.


Created With 100% soft gel nails and high quality gel nail products to increase the durability and longevity of your luxury press on nail set

This set comes with 10 nails

All predesigned nail sets are custom made to order.  I do not keep inventory. 

All patterns hand-painted  and handcrafted by me at my boutique using high quality gel polish and nail extensions products

All sets comes with a keepsake storage box, accessories application kit and wear and care instructions.

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