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Romantic Botanique | Pre-Design Custom Press-on Nail Set

Romantic Botanique | Pre-Design Custom Press-on Nail Set

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Eternal Elegance Redefined: Introducing the 'Romantic Botanique' Luxury Press On Nail Set

Step into a world where opulence, romance, and sophistication intertwine flawlessly with our 'Romantic Botanique' luxury press on nail set – an ode to timeless beauty that captivates the heart and enchants the senses. Experience the allure of a classic French design, elevated to new heights with double French lines adorned in the glimmering elegance of chrome and gold accents. Nestled within this design are handpainted flowers, delicately brushed with watercolor paints, creating a symphony of color and grace, all wrapped in a glossy finish that reflects the depth of your elegance.

I've crafted the 'Romantic Botanique' set to embody the essence of eternal love and sophistication. The classic French design, with its pristine white tips, serves as a canvas for our artistic mastery. The double French lines, adorned with chrome and gold accents, evoke the splendor of royal adornments, a nod to the richness of history and tradition.

However, it's the handpainted flowers that make the 'Romantic Botanique' truly extraordinary. These delicate blooms, brushed with watercolor paints, breathe life into the nails, infusing them with a sense of romantic allure. Each petal and leaf tells a story of love and beauty, resonating with the same tenderness that resides within you.

This set radiates with versatility, able to accompany you from candlelit dinners to moments of quiet introspection. The 'Romantic Botanique' is an expression of your individuality, encapsulating the grandeur of opulent romance in every brushstroke.

As always, we offer customizable nail lengths and shapes, ensuring the 'Romantic Botanique' set becomes a seamless extension of your personal style.

Elevate your elegance, embrace the allure of timeless romance, and adorn your nails with the 'Romantic Botanique' luxury press on nail set. Redefine beauty, one stroke at a time, and let your nails speak a language of opulent love and sophistication that's uniquely yours.

All predesigned nail sets are custom made to order. I do not keep inventory. 

All patterns handpainted and handcrafted by me at my boutique using high quality gel polish and nail extensions products

All sets comes with a keepsake storage box, accessories application kit and wear and care instructions.

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